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The Pothole Report

Geaux Fix Our Roads!

A citizensourced map of potholes, blight and out streetlights in the Big Easy.

The Pothole Report ( is a citizen sourced, community driven campaign to address the blight, transportation and development challenges that continue to affect the citizens and neighborhoods of the Greater New Orleans Metro Area. The Pothole Report listens to talk radio, reads the paper, and has ears and eyes in the street. We are looking for a handful of innovative, energetic and motivated individuals who are committeed to supporting the success of a community-based development project.

Urban development and infrastructure breakdowns across the Big Easy have become a part of everyones life. Potholes cost individuals hundreds and businesses thousands each year in repair work on bikes, cars, and delivery trucks. Crime continues to rise while our streetlights flicker out and blighted homes slowly crumble lacking warm bodies or productive use. The Pothole Report thinks that right now there is so much investment pouring into the city that we can generate an effective campaign to address these challenges for better community development.

Where Yat!

So tell us Where Yat! and what isn't being addressed on your block, in your hood or on your ride to work. Over the next month it is our goal to upload a real picture of the potholes and blighted homes in our communities. We will tag blocks that citizens report street lights are out and we will map all your reports.

You can submit reports to us by visiting on the web, following us on twitter @pothole_report or send us a direct email at