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About Us

The Prisoners Literature Project is a grassroots nonprofit organization that sends free books to prisoners across the United States. Our mission is to promote literacy and education among those in prison and to facilitate social change, self-empowerment, and rehabilitation in the prison system. Many prison inmates have little access to books. We send books free of charge because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to read. The project is an all-volunteer effort that mainly relies on donations of books and postage money in order to function. It is located at the Grassroots House at 2022 Blake Street in Berkeley, California. It operates in partnership with Bound Together Books and the Grassroots House.

Latest Listings

Book-Packing Session - Send Books to Prisoners (Volunteer Opportunity)

Book-Packing Session - Send Books to Prisoners (Volunteer Opportunity)

Help us send books to prisoners (Volunteer Opportunity)