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About Us


Uptown Upstate Arts eXchange (UUAX) is a think tank and regional network of artists, local leaders, community members and organizations dedicated to improving community well being by strengthening the relationship between New York City and the Catskills through the exchange of arts and culture.

We envision a vibrant, thriving and well-resourced rural-urban arts community. In our dreams:

  • Our local creative ecosystem is healthy and thriving and there are bountiful resources to support artists in their journey of self-sufficiency. 
  • Local artists are acknowledged as essential to the the economic development and cultural vitality of the region, and also recognized as critical catalysts in increasing social empathy and community ties.
  • All members of our neighborhood have improved access and connection to their own creative selves and the natural world.
  • The work of local artists is prominent, accessible and thoughtfully archived to ensure their long-lasting influence.

We believe that the thought leadership of cultural workers in  civil society has a meaningful impact on individuals and their communities.  We stand rooted in the understanding that the natural world is one that provides inspiration, healing and opportunities for self-reflection; and that as such the accessibility of these spaces must be a communal priority. We feel that there is no better time than the present to advocate and move towards an equitable distribution of resources, influence and opportunity.



At UUAX we support emerging and established artists, cultural workers and their communities by offering programs and opportunities that:

  • Catalyze cross cultural, cross disciplinary and regional collaborations.
  • Elevate the work, values and voices of regional artists.
  • Advocate for equitable cultural policies and resources from New York City and the Catskills.

The work that we see as essential to manifesting our vision of a flourishing arts and cultural region include:

Uptown Upstate Arts Exchange Network - Our network that acts as a space for community building and cultural policy advocacy.
Uptown Upstate News  - Our content production initiative that spans social media and mainstream outlets.
The Woodswoman Residency - A residency for artists that provides an annual Catskills retreat to members of our regional neighborhood.
Catskill Stage Company - The resident theater company.