The Children's Institute of Fashion Arts

  • New York


670 9th Ave #4S
New York
New York
United States

About Us

The Children's Institute of Fashion Arts is a New York City non-profit organization devoted to expansive education in the culture and craft of clothing. This means that we are experts in practice and theory, teaching sewing, design, persistence, and creative logic, as well as history, culture, and society.


We don't expect all our students to become fashion designers; we believe that sewing is a basic skill that everyone should know how to do. Clothing construction is like engineering but with fabric. Children learn patience and overcome small challenges to achieve success. Hands-on creative production for kids leads to a lifetime of inquiry and engagement.

Our mission is to foster children's authentic selves through creative inquiry, and to inspire children to be industrious, persistent problem-solvers. We create exhilarating, educational experiences that show the connections between clothing, fashion, design, art, science, history, cultural studies, sociology, social psychology, human development, technology, and the natural environment.