Crane Hollow, Inc.

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About Us

Crane Hollow, Inc. is a private, nonprofit corporation that owns and administers the Crane Hollow Nature Preserve. Located in Laurel Township in Hocking County, Ohio, the Crane Hollow Preserve encompasses over 1,940 acres, 1,286 acres of which have been dedicated as a state nature preserve by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. The preserve’s rugged vertical cliffs, reentrant caves, and deep ravines provide protection for numerous rare plants and animals. It is unique because of its large size and pristine habitat.

Crane Hollow fosters preservation, understanding, and appreciation of the plants, animals, and ecology of the hollow and surrounding area.

Crane Hollow, Inc. believes:

  • Its paramount responsibility is to protect and conserve the ecology of its land holdings.
  • Efforts to protect and conserve landscapes will continue only if current and future generations value and understand the importance of intact ecosystems to their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.
  • The preserve can offer a variety of opportunities for people to enjoy and appreciate this special natural area (environmental education, scientific research, spiritual enrichment, low impact recreation, and artistic expression), but all human activity must be in balance with protection of this fragile landscape and ecosystem.
  • A science-based approach to conservation and resource management can best protect the preserve, the greater ecosystem, and the biodiversity of southernOhio.
  • Engagement of community and regional organizations and residents is essential to its mission.