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Just add water. Such a simple idea, but one complex challenge.

WHO WE ARE: Add Water International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit clean water organization whose mission is to fulfill one of life's basic necessities for those in need through sustainable water treatment systems and education programs focused on water stewardship within communities. The goals are many, but our focus is not to implement new policies regarding the treatment or use of water, nor to supply water treatment systems as a service to those who need them, but to change the livelihood of those who do not currently have a means to acquire life's basics. The direct benefits resulting from having clean water will be numerous, not only for the region in which a water treatment system is installed, but most importantly for the individuals whose lives will be changed.

WHAT WE ARE DOING: Add Water International has a unique opportunity in the Fall of 2012 to build our first water treatment system in the village of Tricotte, Haiti. Although this water system will serve the people of Tricotte, the system will more specifically be built to provide clean water to a newly constructed medical clinic, which is the only medic clinic within a 3-4 day walk for roughly 10,000 people who live in the surrounding area. The objective is to supply 7200 gallons per day of clean water using a slow rate sand filtration pod design system that will utilize a "bio-layer" within the filters to sanitize the water. There is a creek within reasonable distance of the village and the plan is to pump water from the creek up to a settling/holding tank or cistern. From there, only gravity will be used to pull the water through the filters at a rate of 5 gallons per minute. Once filtered, there will be a clean storage tank not far from the filtration system. The clean water storage tank will then provide for the 30+ gallon per minute demand at the peak times of the day.

WE NEED YOU: The key factor to the successful implementation of this Add Water International project is quite simply: YOU. 100% of your contribution will go directly towards our first filter project in Tricotte, Haiti. In order to build a sustainable clean water source for a village that currently does not have access to this basic need we will raise $30,000.