Common Knowledge Trust

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18 Chamberlyne
New Zealand

About Us

Common Knowledge Trust has been a registered New Zealand tax-exempt charitable Trust since 1996. The goals and objectives of CKT is to support individual, family and societies diverse health systems.

One branch of our small Trust produces Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation Online Course. The skills in this resource were developed by hundreds of ordinary mothers and fathers in the early 1970s. Families asked Wintergreen, who is Founder and Director of CKT to carry forward the concept and skills on their behalf.

Since 2000 CKT has produced self-learning mixed-media resource focusing on childbirth preparation as well as birth and birth-coaching skills targeted to expectant parents for use in every type of birth.

Our Trust is committed to improving this mixed-media skills-based resource with the newest media technologies, translated into multiple languages as well as creating a simple to use resource for illiterate and semi-literate women across the globe. Every family should be skilled to birth their baby no matter where they birth, with whom or what is happening to or around them.

Over the years we've worked with interns and volunteers. Presently (2016) our goals are:

1) Totally re-do our mixed-media resource with the newest media resource. We believe a white board/cartooning style would suit that is interactive, easy to use, targets fathers-to-be and just plan fun. This is still a large project.

2) Improve our social media presence.

3) Work more effectively with our Google Grants Pro adwords grant.

4) Improve our Word Press website visually

5) Improve the content on our website

6) International fund raising so expectant families around the world can have access to these effective, universal birth skills.

7) Submit our course material onto websites such as Udemy