Coins for Change Vietnam

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About Us

“Coins for Change” (C4C) is a Social Enterprise run by women for the purpose of promoting equal rights and social justice for women and children in Vietnam.

Officially established in December 2015, C4C now offers a wide range of services related to cultural exchange and business within Vietnam. Among our activities is providing guidance and support to qualified applicants in obtaining a professional teaching or volunteer teaching position in Vietnam. Through this, we aim to help our participants gain the necessary expertise to further develop their careers.

We organize our activities in collaboration with our female-led English centers in Vietnam. With our extensive international network and years of experience in Vietnam, we are able to offer excellent support to ensure that the women who work with us are successful in running their businesses.

With that profit it makes, C4C aims to support disadvantaged women, especially single mothers in Vietnam, by aiding them through a holistic approach that includes support from an expansive online network, free vocational training, job placement, and free English classes for their children.

By running two paralleled programs, we aspire to transform lives through education, leadership, economic empowerment, and integration. Thanks to the great support from international partners, volunteers, and donors, each woman and child at C4C can receive the help they need to be successful in their endeavors.

Our experienced and dedicated team at C4C looks forward to working with you to create a better future for Vietnam.