Fair Trade Toronto

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About Us

Fair Trade Toronto (FTT) is an independent volunteer based organization. FTT was created to promote Fair Trade in the City of Toronto, and unify the efforts of all those in the fair trade community to increase public awareness of how individual choices and actions can advance equality, social justice, and environmental sustainability by promoting a system that respects producers and artisans around the world. By purchasing Fair Trade products, consumers are contributing to the empowerment of individuals and communities around the world, ensuring the move towards a more equitable world.

Our Goals:

  • To educate citizens of Toronto on how they can support people in the developing world by choosing Fair Trade in their everyday purchasing practices
  • To increase the availability of Fair Trade products by working alongside Fair Trade retailers, distributors, and suppliers
  • To increase awareness of Fair Trade and where to find Fair Trade products in the City
  • To support and encourage businesses and organizations to adopt in-house Ethical Procurement policies that require Fair Trade products when available
  • To have individuals, businesses, community and faith groups to commit to Fair Trade sourcing
  • To assist campuses, towns, cities and municipalities to become Fair Trade universities and towns