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Though 2010 was a particularly tough election for progressives, America Votes Michigan can be proud of the work it did as instrumental figures in the re-election of Congressman Gary Peters in the always-competitive 9th congressional district, as well as the smart work done to help reelect state house members Dian Slavens (D-21) and Lisa Brown (D-39). As we wait for the new lines to be drawn (where Michigan will lose one congressional seat), we will be actively engaging in a unified legislative campaign to make sure the new lines are fair while also focusing on fighting against unfair budget proposals, anti-labor legislation, environmental regulation roll-backs and other threats to progressive programs.

So far this year we have watched the overly-confident conservative leadership put their members in a position of voting for tax increases on seniors and working families in order to pay for an unprecedented tax break for already-wealthy corporations and for systematic attacks on collective bargaining and democracy. This is not what the people of Michigan want and they are speaking up and fighting back. We will continue to work with our progressive allies from across the state to amplify the message that we cannot fix Michigan's structural problems on the backs of our working families.