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21 Gamecock Avenue
South Carolina
United States

About Us

OneWorld Health exists to provide quality affordable healthcare to people in need. Our vision is to empower communities to achieve long-term improvements in health and quality of life.

There are systemic problems for people living in countries like Uganda and Nicaragua that ultimately impair their ability to receive the type of healthcare they need. The two primary problems are extremes in distribution of wealth and underfunding of public healthcare.

While quality healthcare is available in the private setting, the overwhelming majority of the population cannot afford the costs. This leaves them with one option, the public healthcare system. Yet the underfunded public system typically results in dangerous wait times, improper diagnosis and treatment, and the cost of care passed on to the patient.

At OneWorld Health we believe that your birth country should not determine access to basic healthcare. That is why we exist to provide quality, affordable healthcare to people, families and communities that are caught in the gap between an under functioning public system and an unaffordable private system.