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About Us

We are a non-profit, non religious, non-political, charitable organization (NGO) registered under Govt. of Tamilnadu. H.E.L.P(“Human Education and Liberation for Poor”) was established as an organization in 2004. We address the desperate need to save underprivileged children who are not enrolled in school and limited access to basic education in India from prostitution, Bonded Labor & unskilled employment and to give them education & skill they need to better their livelihood and that of their families.

We are working with children, women and youth who work in agriculture, the fishing community, laborers and Beedi rolling workers in the slums and very remote villages of Tamilnadu & Maharastra. We are implementing our projects with the help of Churches and women, local leaders and youth groups.

HELP at Mahasrastra: HELP has it interventions in slums areas of Mahasrastra where there is a huge population of slum dwellers comprising of migrated families from all over the country. These families who have come to Mumbai for bettering their livelihood are still struggling to make both their ends meet as they are unable to meet the skill requirements of the marketplace. Most of them stay in temporary shelters. They are not in a financial position to send their children to school as they are hardly able to meet their basic needs. Those few families who send their children to school cannot afford to give tuitions to their children. The home environment is not conducive for children to study & do their home work. The kids mostly have uneducated parents & therefore first generation learners in their family. The aim of the “Child Development Center” is to make the parents in the community aware of the importance of education and the opportunities that come with it. for more details visit

The idea for Give To India, a platform enabling resource sharing, came to a South India-based NGO, HELP Trust. The initial execution of all of GTI’s activities – including ideation, proposal development, building this website, and writing this description – was enabled by volunteers from all over the world, from USA to Tanzania to Iran to Australia to India, who brought their experience and technical skills to the table. By helping us achieve the very thing we set out to promote – resource sharing – they reaffirmed our credo: that great things can happen when good people get together. for more detials visit &,