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About Us

Wanna Intern With WeCopwatch?
WeCopwatch is looking for people who can help create Know Your Rights information that can be diceminated easily online or through print. 

We currently have a Copwatch handbook, Know Your Rights cards, training videos, and other training material that we would like work and expand on so they are more accesible and readily available to people that need them.

We are currently people who are fluid in 

Photoshop, Indesign, and Wordpress 

Background on WeCopwatch
WeCopwatch was founded in 2012 to help support the creation of autonomous copwatch groups across the country. 

Copwatching is the non violent direct observation of the police when they stop members of the public. The idea is simple. More often then not, a carrying group of people with cameras documenting a police interaction can go a long ways to deterring police misconduct. However. should there be any problem, than there will be documentation that can be used for the person cited, abused, or arrested. 

WeCopwatch supports not only watching the police, but in conducting know your rights trainings for people and groups about their rights when stopped by the police, and while Copwatching

WeCopwatch has spent the past year helping get Copwatch groups formed in varies cities across the country. Oakland, Ferguson, Baltimore, North Charleston, Detroit to name a few.