Poor Dog Group

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About Us

Poor Dog Group is a Nonprofit theatre company founded in 2008. Over the past five years we have developed and presented numerous theatrical productions in the U.S. and abroad. Our work is ensemble-based, original performance which uses incipient research techniques to engage with a variety of subject material.

Our performances have dealt carefully with topics ranging from The Space Race, WWII Soldiers, Ancient Greek Mythology to most recently, California's cult culture. With each new project, we work to outline features of the cultural hegemonies maintained by a particular period; we look at their vocabularies, their syntaxes and the sounds of their language in order interact with the spirit of each civilization or people. Next, we attempt to translate those voices into a contemporary context, a discourse, which may reveal a sufficiently faithful and authoritative record to audiences of today.

Most recently, we have begun to outline an education program which attempts to offer these skills to participants both within and beyond the Arts. Our program will extend to undergraduate students in the arts and humanities, graduate students pursuing degrees in business and most recently, companies working to introduce communication, cooperation, and leadership skills into the workplace.

It is our highest mission to create and disseminate ground breaking approaches to personnel training and organization development. We continue to ask ourselves: how is it that we come to be with each other in this way? To this question we look to our collaborators and students in the humanities who offer answers from the social sciences and to those emerging business majors who are exploring new prospects across the commercial landscape. And finally, as the lens of economics continues to influence our everyday discourse so powerfully, we intend to foster relationships with intelligent and innovative companies in order to creatively explore questions of resources, sustainability and opportunity in the new century.