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About Us

Our Mission

We prepare our students with the fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship for career-long success in college and the professional world. Real-life challenges and skills are integrated into every subject area, so that BOSS seniors graduate with a Regents diploma, a Career & Technical Education endorsement in Entrepreneurship, first-hand experience working with professionals the sports industry, and the ability to handle college-level coursework in each academic area.

Our Vision

Our vision was founded on the belief that all young people should be prepared for high-skill and high wage-careers, engage in quality learning experiences, and exhibit college and career readiness upon graduation from high school. We prepare our students for meaningful career pathways in the business industry and readiness to compete in the 21st century workforce with critical thinking, communication and collaboration.

We use the shared language and interest in sports to focus students on obtaining technical business skills and certifications. Our students will graduate ready to pursue careers and/or training in a variety of professions including business analysts, journalists, accountants, advertising managers, and entrepreneurs.

Students participate in a rigorous and relevant program of studies that build business management and administration competencies within a core academic curriculum related to the sports and entertainment industry. Students will have opportunities for real-world learning in the sports and business community through internships, job shadowing, and career days with our numerous partners. By the end of senior year, graduates will be prepared to make informed post-secondary choices that foster student success, and include options leading to acceptance to a two or four year college and a meaningful professional career.