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About Us

We are a Not for Profit/Non-Governmental Organization operating in Northern part of Tanzania in Arusha Region.

We focus on supporting orphans, vulnerable children, women, girls, youth, elders, people living with HIV & AIDS and marginalized communities in empowering them through different means ranging from, health empowerment, entrepreneurship, vocational skills education, HIV/AIDS campaign, equality and youth focus education etc.

We are also dealing with environmental conservation and climatic change mitigation through training and distribution of trees, training on gender mainstreaming in all level of decision making and entrepreneurship skills.

We are looking for different stakeholders to work with us here to help those who are desperately in need of help.

Our organization lift marginalized community out of poverty through education


We are running different projects with community-but recently we started school for orphan’s, vulnerable ad marginalized children:



BIRD CHARITY NURSERY AND SCHOOL (primary, secondary to college level)


The main general objective of the school is to provide educational opportunities to poor, orphans and vulnerable children in Arusha, Tanzania through provision of infrastructures, facilities, school supplies, medical care and balance diet for sustainable well being. Many children fail to attend school because of the poverty. If we want to eradicate poverty just invest in educating our world surrounding mostly in needs children in the communities


We was started with 2 kids but til the moment we have almost 13-14 children, they increase day to day  in number.


We dont have our own classes so we decides to rent the room.


We are looking for the funders- donors to support us in all aspects of financial assistance, grants, Aid, experts, to buy land and build our own classes to accommodate those children.


Please pass through our website that you can get more detailed information about our projects



 We are looking for you to be our projects sponsorship.



We are looking forwards to work with you here to support those who are in

need mostly to be out of poverty.


Our main roadblock for implementing and clearly delivered of many which we have in our organization is funds


Other projects we are running are


HIV AIDS training and awareness through sports among youth, poor and marginalized community


Environmental conservation and climatic change mitigation-training and tree distributions


Gender Equality and Equity training


Entrepreneurship and business management training-orchards, bee keeping, nurseries etc


Health and health services management and accessibility


Proper use manages and control of public resources

Information accessibility use and distribution channels



Training on human right, roles and their responsibilities


Training on participation, accountability, transparency and involvement of community in all levels of decision making



Please pass through our website that you can get more detailed information about our projects.


Gabriel Elibariki


Bird Charity,

P o box 7000,


Hotline: +255787881122