The Meeting Place Clubhouse, Inc.

  • CA

About Us

The Mission of The Meeting Place Clubhouse is to support adults in San Diego County

with mental health disorders by providing opportunities for work, education, wellness, housing and friendship. Our vision is that Clubhouse members reach their potential and are respected

as co-workers, neighbors and friends. Much more than simply a “program” or a “social service,” a Clubhouse is first and foremost a community of people who are working together toward a common goal. A Clubhouse is a membership organization, and therefore the people who come and participate are its members. Membership in an organization means that an individual has both  shared ownership and shared responsibility for the success of that organization. Membership in   The Meeting Place Clubhouse is open to anyone who has a history of mental illness.

What sets The Meeting Place apart from other mental health program models is its social and vocational orientation. The daily activities in The Meeting Place center on meaningful work and social and recreational activities that are normalized around the work day. Clubhouse members and staff work side by side in Clubhouse “units” to accomplish their collective goals, which include creating opportunities for members to develop work-related skills, participate in meaningful social experiences, advance their education, link with other community resources, and develop individual talents. The vocational component of The Meeting Place assists members in preparing for, securing, and retaining paid employment.