The Starbright Foundation

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About Us

Our Mission is to provide funding and direction for existing services of the community and/or establishing new outreaches to rescue children and young adults from sex trafficking and other dangerous and abusive environments, in association with local law enforcement and governing authorities. Our goal is to build some uniquely designed "safe houses" which provide maximum safety to endangered children. We provide hope through crisis counseling, trauma recovery programs and education, for a new beginning to survivors of sexual, cultic, ritual, clergy, sex trafficking, incest, physical and mental abuse, and their families where possible. We hope to incorporate a wing for a children's hospice where possible in order to provide love and comfort care to critically ill children, with support and love for their families. We plan to build a network of homes that are safe, which will provide at a minimum foster care with counseling in one community, to the maximum "safehouse" as described above in another, to meet the level of needs for the children in need.

Starbright Foundation will also promote awareness of the escalating crimes against children, causing human suffering within our communities and nation; thereby providing more opportunities for public and private support to encourage direct involvement through volunteerism and community assistance. Starbright Foundation, Inc. will strive to be a beacon of light for those in need.