Carlow University Graduate Programs


United States

About Us

Carlow University has a history of offering programs specifically designed to meet the demands of adult students.

Whether you are establishing a new career or contemplating a change in your current career, advancement within your profession, or personal growth and satisfaction, Carlow University understands what you value in the next step of your education.

Intimate classes, flexible formats, and excellent faculty are all part of the core values of Carlow University. On the graduate level, we offer a number of innovative programs, several of which are interdisciplinary in nature and focus on leadership as well as problem solving and other essential skills.

Our goal is to prepare leaders within their chosen professions who will enable others to work with a sense of satisfaction, self worth, and dedication in the creation of a more humane society.

No matter what your passion may be—from publishing a book of poems to excelling within the ranks of a dynamic company—an advanced degree from Carlow University will help you meet your personal and professional goals.