Nsumi Collective

  • NY


New York

United States

About Us

Nsumi is an experimental art collective, formed in 2001, and active since 2002. Our work focuses on collective intelligence and emerging forms of grassroots, collective organization. Recent projects explore formal decentralization and politically-engaged art, in the form of trainings, workshops, think tanks, curricula, and street actions. Nsumi's membership is fluid, expanding and contracting as needed, morphing into other groups or spawning new offshoot collectives or networks, openly or clandestinely, for short or long durations, responsive to and in relation with our environment. Nsumi’s common interest is exploring the creative capacity of social networks and experimental groups. We produce and participate in exhibitions and events, and conduct research on public art, fine arts pedagogy and emerging collaborative practices. Nsumi creates collaborative artwork combining planning and architecture, social engagement, and systems design.