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About Us

Founded over four years ago in the Coachella Valley, American Mobility Outreach is a non-profit organization that strives to serve the unmet needs of those who suffer from any kind of impairment. The organization focuses on the specific goals of its three main programs in order to care for people free-of-charge, regardless of their age, race, gender, social status, or financial situation. The three programs achieve three different results: the donation of electric-power wheelchairs and scooters; the provision of these power chairs and scooters to patrons of nursing and retirement homes; and alternative assistive technology that enhances basic reading and writing activities for children with learning disabilities.

American Mobility Outreach’s “Donate your Electric Wheelchair or Scooter” project is the largest of the three programs with a purpose that seeks to enhance freedom of mobility and improve the quality of life for those who are confined to the use of wheelchairs or scooters. The foundation welcomes donations of new or used power chairs or scooters from around the country in order to make this freedom of mobility a reality. The foundation then refurbishes the power chairs or scooters so they can be given free-of-charge to those individuals in need. American Mobility Outreach will fulfill any request according to its available inventory.

The second program seeks to offer donated power chairs and scooters to local nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities, to be freely available to their patrons whether for long-term, short-term or occasional use. The goal of the “Get Out of the Room” program is to combat the potential for confinement, loneliness and isolation when individuals are limited by physical impairment. American Mobility Outreach provides these patrons with the opportunity for greater freedom and mobility, to rekindle their social interactions, allow them to visit their neighbors, get outdoors for sunshine and fresh air, or simply be able to enjoy a “walk on wheels”.

While the previous two programs target individuals with physical disabilities, the third program specifically addresses children with learning disabilities by fabricating special slant boards as the main focus of the “Adjustable Reading and Writing Slant Board Program.” American Mobility Outreach recognizes an unmet need of such assistive technologies for children in the U.S. who suffer from attention deficit disorders, autism, dyslexia, visual impairments and developmental disabilities. We have engineered a simple slant board that can adjust to 14 different positions that ensures comfort for any reading, writing, or activity-based work, but most importantly to engage a child’s awareness. As a result, children connect more easily to everyday learning activities which previously held little or no interest. These slant boards will be given at no cost, to any home=schooled student in the Coachella Valley.

With the opening of our first fundraising store “It’s Your Name! Gift Shop” in the Westfield Palm Desert Mall, American Mobility Outreach is reinforcing its financial sustainability and outreach, increasing its presence in the local community, and bringing greater awareness to its programs. In all that we do, AMO ultimately seeks to fulfill its mission of improving the quality of life for those we serve.