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About Us

Vof99 Radio is a station started in 2011 that covers resistance movements worldwide! Their current shows use round-table discussions, critique of ongoing news debates, and interviews to raise the public consciousness. The idea is to get at the radical root of the mainstream narrative and show a perspective not widely exposed in the media. It is a process of constant learning and digging within themselves and the issues discussed. On-air discussions track the influence of history, compare tactics of other radicals, deliver activist news, and thought-provoking editorials. They are non-partisan talk radio employing diverse voices and open minds to promote anti-oppression awareness. Funded by their listeners and programers, they are not interested in commercial profit. They exist to support those daring to resist the status quo, not exploit them. Using journalism as a tool for individuals and groups to use to outreach and network, they open space for this movement to MOVE! :)

Vof99 Radio airs a network of live internet programs on [[http:Vof99.org|Vof99.org]]. They also syndicate a 2 hour program Sundays at 9pm on 1480AM or [[http:Weactradio.com|Weactradio.com]], and broadcast live on Radio CPR 97.5FM from 5-7pm Tuesdays. Archived shows can be found at [[http:Mixcloud.com/MariahBlank|Mixcloud.com/MariahBlank]]