English Volunteers for Change in Costa Rica

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Parque de Francia
San José

Costa Rica

About Us

English Volunteers for Change (EVOLC) is the international program of Costa Rica Multilingüe – a government sponsored initiative that seeks to improve the country´s economic competitiveness by increasing the number of professional English speakers by 2020.

EVOLC was established in 2009 with the enthusiasm of 5 volunteers and has since brought 125 more volunteers to Costa Rica. EVOLC grows with the commitment of volunteers worldwide and the support of a wide range of national and international organizations.

Our program is supported by the Ministry of the Presidency of Costa Rica, the Ministry of Tourism, various local development associations, public and private enterprises, and ALIARSE Foundation, the program coordinator.

ALIARSE is an initiative of public institutions and private businesses that, conscious of the economic, social and environmental challenges the country faces, and in service of their social responsibility, have joined forces to contribute to the sustainable development of the country. In this sense, ALIARSE is a catalyst to strengthen a national culture committed to social responsibility for sustainable development in Costa Rica.