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About Us

PB&J's Mission:

To help at risk children to grow and develop to their full potential in nurturing families within a supportive community.

What We Do Today Affects Generations To Come...

Children deserve to be raised in families and communities committed to their nurturance, safety, and healthy development.

Unfortunately, many families experience significant challenges which impair their ability to provide safe, secure, and healthy environments for their children. Family-based therapeutic interventions improve family functioning and enhance child development. PB&J's programs seek to improve all aspects of a child's life.

PB&J's philosophy focuses efforts on the family as a unit, as well as on individual family members. This approach takes into account the powerful and unique reciprocal relationship between parent and child, and the impact they have on one another. PB&J believes by enhancing the family members-sense of self-worth and competency, this will strengthen each individual's ability to develop as a capable and responsible citizen of our community.

Growing up is never easy...

It's particularly difficult for a child in a family where challenges such as mental illness, developmental disabilities, substance abuse, domestic violence, or parental incarceration may be present.

Too often, child abuse and neglect are the byproducts of these problems and threaten the safety of the children in the family and sometimes the very existence of the family itself.

The parent-child relationship represents one of the most fundamental and primary connections shaping an individual's life. PB&J strengthens this vital relationship by working with the family as a unit, as well as individual family members. PB&J helps families collectively and individually to develop the skills they need to become effective family members, foster healthy development and promote healthy functioning within the community.