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About Us

The John Graham Shelter provides food, shelter and housing to homeless individuals and families across Addison County. With our strengths-based approach, we seek to empower people to achieve their own goals and fulfill their unmet needs. We recognize that people are not uniform and neither are their reasons for being homeless. After welcoming a family into the safe and compassionate atmosphere of the Shelter, our talented service coordinators work one-on-one to individualize care. We help each person identify their strengths and support systems and develop a written plan, complete with strategies to accomplish client-determined goals. We emphasize wraparound services, multi-level approaches, and a comprehensive mental health model. Our client-centered approach to case management empowers people to take responsibility of their own futures. Service coordinators connect residents with community partner organizations, employment opportunities, food assistance, health care, education, transportation, and long-term sustainable housing. In addition, we have on-site mental health and substance abuse counselors to help people heal from trauma and addiction.