Institute of Urban Homesteading

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About Us

The Institute of Urban Homesteading is a small homegrown school of urban sustainability education. We offer classes in everything from canning and beekeeping to greywater and solar cooking and feature small class sizes and experiential learning.. The urban homestead classroom isis a gathering place to research, ferment and learn together. Our mission is to

  • Offer affordable classes in the art of living in an urban environment
  • Preserve a slower, more intentional, more sustainable and more pleasurable way of life
  • Rescue the lost arts of the garden, the kitchen and things done by hand
  • Imbue everyday tasks with wonder and beauty
  • Promote localism, self-determination and community resilience

The Institute of Urban Homesteading is a response to current interest in food security, localization and self-determination, We are riding the wave of a massive global movement to change our relationship to food and resources. Necessary components of this movement are small-scale person-to-person, person-to-land based projects. IUH seeks to fill this need and to model sustainable, local direct-action through education. We intend to conserve both personal and global resources by staying home and tending the garden The Institute of Urban Homesteading is a project of Wise Fool Community Arts.