Brave Hearts for Strong Minds

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PO Box 564
Fort Washington
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About Us

Each year, the Saturday before Father’s Day, we hold a charity walk that gathers 300+ community members and local businesses for a day of food, fun, walking, and music. Participants are invited to raise funds on their own personalized donation page in which the proceeds are 100% donated to college education funds of children who have lost a parent.

Our model is a pay-it-forward network, asking that those families who receive these opportunities help to create opportunities for future recipient families. They do so by working with us to help organize and run future events which benefit other families who have experienced similar loss in their life.

Losing an income earning parent can deter a family from being able to pay for groceries, let alone education costs. As a community we recognize the importance of alleviating the financial burden of education so that the widows and children left behind can have a chance to succeed while not having to worry about providing their next meal.