Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center

  • IL


2942 W Lake Street
United States

About Us

We are a FREE innovative addiction treatment center on a mission to bring the most proven, evidence-based addiction treatment services to those with no assets, no money, no insurance, and no ability to get the help that they need. We serve a very visible, but ignored, economically depraved street population who needs help more than anyone with a substance use disorder.

Above and Beyond is a 501c3 treatment facility that was given life by a selfless and caring philanthropic soul who had a vision - now realized - of staffing the facility with exemplars of compassion, competence and experience.

We are a team with deep roots, who keep our compassionate hearts and minds fresh through a mandatory self-care program that enables us to counter the dysfunction we face with optimism.

Our programs include REBT based Rage Reduction, Trauma Group, EFT, Acupuncture, Street Yoga, Art Therapy, and traditional group and individual counseling. We are eclectically enjoined to evidence-based recovery options that break the norm of what doesn't work in the field of addiction treatment.