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About Us

Located in NYC and around the world, MUSIC & MEMORY is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that uses music and science to change the lives of people living with Alzheimer's. We improve the quality of life for the elderly or infirm by providing personalized music that sparks memories and joy.

Based in scientific research, this accessible, person-centered approach has been life-changing for many who were thought to be unreachable and lost to disease. Music, a powerful universal medium, is leveraged to create opportunities to change relationships between elders and caregivers, youth in their communities, and family members. We train nursing home staff and other elder care professionals, as well as family caregivers, how to create and provide personalized playlists using iPods. We focus on those struggling with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other cognitive and physical challenges to help reconnect them with loved ones and the world around them through music-triggered memories.  

By providing access and education, and by creating a network of MUSIC & MEMORY Certified Care Organizations, we aim to make this form of personalized music therapy a new standard of care throughout the health care industry.