Small Army for a Cause

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United States

About Us

Small Army For A Cause is a non-profit organization founded by the members of Small Army advertising in Boston, Massachusetts. The organization raises money for causes that have inspired us and touched our lives. Small Army For A Cause was launched in honor of Mike Connell, a founding member of Small Army who lost his battle with cancer in 2007.

Witnessing Mike’s heroic, two year fight, we saw first hand the courage and strength cancer patients have. He inspired us to continue that fight ourselves - and to do so in a way that would truly represent the boldness of Mike and his ideas.

In 2009, we brought the boldness alive with our 1st Annual Be Bold, Be Bald! event. Participants wore bald caps while getting sponsors' donations. With their help and incredible enthusiasm, we raised nearly $100,000! We look forward to surpassing that success this year.