Re Spectrum Community

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About Us

Re Spectrum Community is developed to assist and guide families in creating change, both within their immediate families and among the autism community, through therapeutic support, recreation, and community activities for the whole family. We strive to fill the gaps in service for families impacted by autism spectrum disorders, including children as they get older, services for all members of the family, recreation programs, and low income populations through our commitment to social justice.

Re Spectrum Community is dedicated to achieving social justice by:

  • Improving access and quality of care for the entire family (through education, leadership and community collaborations.
  • Promoting diversity and inclusiveness among programs. That all people impacted by ASD have open access and opportunities to engage in leadership. That programming addresses ethno-social aspects to address each family’s specific needs.
  • Developing social justice principals and policies in the conduct of programs and research.
  • Implementing activities (therapeutic, play, and recreational programs) that foster a sense of community, connection, and empowerment among families with a member diagnosed with ASD.
  • Developing and documenting evidence-based community practices.
  • Promoting the use of research knowledge to other communities for program development

Re Spectrum Community is a multi-faceted organization with the following beliefs and values:

  • All people have the right to live, play and work
  • All people have the right and responsibility to live with intention and respect
  • Re Spectrum Community represents the public interest and takes direction from the communities we represent.
  • Re Spectrum Community supports the integrity of family, regardless of disability, race, gender, ethnicity.
  • Communities of color and poor communities are disproportionately serve.