Children's Villages of Honduras

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About Us


The mission of Children's Villages of Honduras is to provide support to children's homes in Honduras focusing on abandoned and disadvantaged girls and their siblings.


To care for and nurture children so that they may emerge from our home as independent, self-sufficient leaders who are active participants in their community and country, and who carry with them strong morals and values.


• Provide a welcoming environment to all who enter our home • Treat everyone with dignity and respect • Educate the children to be self reliant and productive citizens • Create a nurturing, loving and family atmosphere in our facilities • Model and teach strong moral, ethical and life values • Be good stewards of the organization's resources • Be fully immersed in the communities we reside in by employing local people, purchasing local goods and services, and supporting, leading, and participating in relevant community service projects with our children • Provide for the physical, emotional and medical needs in the best interest of our children.