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About Us

Youth Intercommunity Network is a growing youth led development network committed to the establishment of just and sustainable communities. The initiative takes cognizance of the fact that the pace of change and development in any community will be determined by the local communities in all their diversity and capacity for bold and imaginative thinking and their determination in support of their own development. It is our conviction that an effective development strategy is best delivered through community led initiatives and draws upon the diverse experience of local communities. Youth Intercommunity Network functions to foster both youth led community and inter-community learning as an avenue of transfer of knowledge and skills towards positive change at all levels. Through a diverse range of implementation strategies, Youth Intercommunity Network provides communities with a platform to identify and address their problems through youth-led action.

We believe that young people have profound ability to effect and adapt to positive change. As such, they represent a community’s great hope for innovation and prosperity. That’s why our youth, in spite of the present difficulties, must regain confidence in their capacity to face obstacles and lead their communities to a new dawn where the aspirations of their people are translated into action.

Viewing through YIN lens we note most current policies and service delivery for youth begin with the assumption that young people are a problem to be fixed. Our experience points to the need for inclusive opportunities and environments that support and nurture young people as social assets.

Vision: Strong communities influencing positive change in just societies through youth-led actions.

Mission: To collate the cumulative experiences of the world communities towards social justice, development and mutual understanding.


  • To foster collaboration, partnerships and networks that inspire communities towards social justice, development and mutual understanding through youth led action.
  • To promote knowledge transfer and community learning within and between communities as an avenue towards sustainable community development through youth led action.
  • To promote community participation in determining their own development by introducing and supporting actions towards that end.

Our values

  • Social Justice

We envision communities that are inclusive fair and advance equal opportunities to its entire people regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, disability, HIV status and cast

  • Sustainability

We advocate for communities that balances the relations of economic systems, social structures, and natural resources we depend on, while allowing each component to thrive

  • Community driven development

We believe that sustainability of positive change must be informed by local priorities anchored on local ownership