Legal Aid Association of California

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About Us

LAAC’s Mission:

LAAC, the statewide membership organization of legal services nonprofits, serves and strengthens its members through advocacy, training, and support to provide critical legal assistance to low-income Californians and ensure equal access to justice.

LAAC was founded in a time of crisis for legal aid nonprofits throughout the nation. Since then, LAAC has served as the unified voice for legal services in our state capitol, communicating the impact of our community.

At the time of LAAC’s founding, legal aid programs were providing critical services to low-income people across the country, but federal funding was at risk of elimination by Congress. Advocates struggled to find secure funding. LAAC was founded by those advocates to lobby for state funding, to train legal aid attorneys, and to unite the legal aid community. LAAC grew into the backbone and unifier of California’s diverse legal aid programs and continues to advocate in Sacramento while also working to connect programs throughout the state. 

LAAC also makes sure that members of the public are aware of the legal aid programs that may be able to help them AND self-help resources that can help explain legal problems and paths to solutions through our website