Fundación El Cielo Para los Niños

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About Us

The nonprofit foundation was started in 1967 by Zorayda Figueroa. The less fortunate children of Ecuador do not receive the medical attention they need, because adequate medical resources are not available in the areas where they live. Also, the lack of social welfare makes it impossible for poor children to have operations they need to be able to simply walk, see or hear. For example, a high number of children with deformities, cleft palates, club feet and other maladies are born each year in Ecuador.

Volunteers from around the world come to Ecuador to help give these children a chance to live happier, more productive and fulfilled lives, thus contributing to society in a positive manner.

Although the foundation headquarters are in Guayaquil, the doctors donate their time all over the country, including in the Galapagos Islands. Planned weeks and sometimes a year in advance, the medical missions bring doctors, surgeons, translators and other volunteers for a specified period of time.