Beverly Area Planning Association

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About Us

Beverly Area Planning Association (BAPA) is a not-for-profit community organization founded in 1947 to preserve and improve the Beverly Hills/Morgan Park neighborhood of Chicago.  BAPA is an unusual -- and unusually successful -- community organization. In its 60 year history, it has gone from basic handling of neighborhood beautification and zoning issues to the dynamic management of major issues which confront city communities: business development and support, housing stock, diversity, education, and crime.  Beverly Hills/Morgan Park has been stably integrated for 40 years. BAPA played an important role in maintaining a strong neighborhood during racial transition and continued to contribute to the social and geographic inclusion of minorities.


BAPA’s work is concentrated in the neighborhood, an area bounded by 119th and 87th streets, Vincennes to California Avenues, with cooperative programming extending into the city and suburban neighborhoods that border Beverly Hills/Morgan Park.  The organization is overseen by a Board of Directors that meets regularly.

BAPA’s mission is to sustain and enhance Beverly Hills/Morgan Park as a culturally diverse Village in the City with increasing home values, high quality schools, thriving commercial areas and a low crime rate. The Executive Director must see that this mission is fulfilled by supervising the staff that develops and operates programs based on a set of organizational strategic directions.