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About Us

The Learn To Be Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing 1-on-1 online tutoring. Anywhere. Anytime. Absolutely Free.

The way it works is this: imagine you’re in high school and you have a question in algebra. You go home, log onto the Learn To Be website and type what you need help with. Within seconds, a text message and email request goes out to hundreds of tutors across the world; to college students, professionals and engineers - all 100% volunteers passionate about education and educational access.

Within 5 minutes, one of these tutors confirms the session. Tutor and student then meet in an interactive virtual classroom, where the two can talk to each other, see each other and share ideas on a large blank canvas area.

And this not just a nice pictorial. Over 20,000 sessions have already happened in the past 4 years; we have inner city youth matched up with PhD’s from CalTech and Google employees working with struggling students from thousands of miles away. Over 8,000 students have utilized our on-demand services, receiving help from over 600 volunteer tutors.

But we didn’t stop there. We wanted to reach out to those students who couldn’t reach us; those who lack internet access and live in underserved communities. And so we partnered with 12 underperforming schools around the nation, tutoring struggling students who are stationed in school computer labs. We also work with homeless equipped with internet access to provide homeless students with the 1-on-1 they often need.

Learn To Be is not going to replace schools, that’s not our mission. Our mission is to supplement the amazing work being done by teachers during school hours. Our mission is to be that teacher or maybe an older who that student might otherwise go to for help. Our mission is to help students Learn To Be.

Join us in our mission to provide free individualized access to high quality education for students everywhere.