Marietta Homeless Authority

  • GA


1722 Oak St
United States

About Us

The Marietta Homeless Authority is a multi-faceted non-profit organization whose mission is to increase resources available to the families and individuals of Marietta, GA. MHA seeks to assist the homelss population with their food, housing and clothing while partnering with outside agencies to help provide services which will improve the welfare of the homelss person's household, to help develop personal improvement plans and to help the homeless families improve their awareness in the community. The Marietta Homeless Authority seeks to provide for individuals and families in need by acquiring their needs for food, shelter and clothing, but also by providing them with workshops and youth activities to help them to become independent and mentally prepared to start anew.

Our Goals: To implement a unique cluster of community-based services that are designed to restore and support families at risk. To deliver community programs for the homeless population, targeting the neglected homeless populations in the local Marietta, GA area.