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About Us

For more than 63 years Ettie Lee Youth & Family Services has served the complex needs of at-risk youth with emotional and behavioral problems and their families in Southern California. When Miss Ettie Lee opened the first group home in 1950, she introduced the model of providing a family atmosphere. Although Ettie Lee has grown significantly since 1950, providing a family atmosphere has been so successful that we still follow that model in all of our group homes and foster homes.

Ettie Lee’s residential group homes expertise is in serving older children, ages 13-18+. All of group homes are located in residential areas and provide family-style residential treatment that focuses on the importance of being active in the community to develop the skills for success in life.

Ettie Lee’s therapeutic Foster Family Agency and Adoption Agency serves children ages 0 – 18+. Located in Covina the boys and girls are placed in the loving homes of foster parents who are trained and licensed. Recently Ettie Lee was certified to provide another level of foster care services -- Intensive Treatment Foster Care (ITFC) services.

Ettie Lee Youth & Family Services is a nonprofit child welfare agency serving the complex needs of at-risk youth who have been abused, neglected or abandoned. Its mission is to assist troubled youth who are in need of guidance and support to develop values and skills that will facilitate their success in life. Ettie Lee complies with the highest standards of Community Care Licensing, Los Angeles County Department of Children & Family Services, and Los Angeles County Department of Probation. Ettie Lee is accredited by the California Alliance for Children & Families and the Council on Accreditation. To learn more about Ettie Lee, visit the website at