Conflict Resolution Services

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About Us

Conflict Resolution Services promotes peaceful conflict resolution through affordable mediation services and high quality training.


Fundraising and Outreach Committee: Support mission of CRS by securing financial resources from individuals, businesses and community organizations. Along with increasing the visibility of CRS and the mediation process to our community and our constituents.

Mediation Services Committee: The Mediation Services committee, in order to assure the quality of our mediation services, will provide guidelines for our various mediation types, set and clarify guidelines with referrers, and provide support for new mediators. We hope thereby to expand our base of mediators and our usefulness to our community.

Training and Curriculum Development Committee: The purpose of Conflict Resolution Center's Curriculum Development and Training Committee is to create and present training's that address the communication and conflict resolution needs of the community, center staff and volunteers. We will use trainers based on their experience and their ability to model the skills that they are teaching.

Volunteer mediator: Gain the experience of working alongside a co-mediator to help resolve conflict through mediation for divorce/custody, general, real estate, business, document drafting, and elders.

Mediation cases are conducted on an as needed basis and can last from 2-6 sessions as needed. Each session is scheduled based on the availability of each co-mediator and each disputant.

Any education or career background is encouraged to come volunteer with Conflict Resolution Services as a mediator. The only requirement is to attend a 40 hour basic training session. These training sessions are held every spring and fall.

Description: Mediation is a dispute resolution method where a neutral third party (the mediators) helps the disputants to reach a mutually acceptable resolution. Mediation is confidential under the protection of a PA statute. Mediators are neutral and impartial at all times. Mediators help disputants to think clearly and effectively about their needs in the dispute and help them communicate clearly. Mediators do no serve as judges and they do not provide advice, including legal advice. Mediators do not make any decisions for the disputants. All mediation is voluntary. Any agreement you reach is based on what works for the disputant.

Visit our website at or call us at (717) 293-7231 to begin volunteering now or to learn more about our services. Or email us at