I Choose Volunteering


Nayabazar, Kathmandu


About Us

What we do and Why

I Choose Volunteering, Nepal was created with hopes of making the world a better place with whatever power we have.

Our Method

There are alot of good people in the world trying their best, with what little power they have, to do good things. ICV Nepal's method is to be a global connection for all those who want to do social work or volunteering (or both!) in Nepal.

Our Mission

ICV Nepal carries the mission to promote the volunteer opportunities through out thecountry that brings positive changes in the life of others & the environment in which we live. It is our goal at ICV Nepal to orchestrate this process for you. Volunteers in our programs work alongside local workers & professionals. Our work promotes International co-operation, friendship, cross cultural exposures, cultural exchanges & breaks new ground for sustainable socio-economic development through voluntary work placements. We therefore welcome you to participate in our programs & we will be honored by your participation.

Our second goal is to facilitate, sponsor, and run locally run social work projects either alone or with already existing, small Nepali organizations. Many local organizations are trying to do great work in their communities, but with little funding, they simply do not have the resources required to recruit international volunteers and need help to continue and strengthen their programs which are seriously needed and absent in Nepal. ICV Nepal serves as link between community and international volunteers/philanthropists needed to make these projects a success, help the community, and have the desired development. ICV Nepal focuses on combining the skills of volunteers & knowledge of the Nepali locals to seek the best way to provide valuable services to the communities.