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About Us

Youth In Mind is a statewide organization made up of young people affected by mental health and seeking to promote positive change through leadership and advocacy within the field. Youth In Mind members participate in all levels of system change including member leadership summits, mental health conferences, and local advocacy opportunities.

Our Mission

Youth In Mind improves the lives of young people, ages 12-28, impacted by the mental health system through education, advocacy, and collaboration.

Our Vision

Youth In Mind is organized around the belief that there are no bad or un-healable youth.

Using a strengths-based approach to implement positive change to the mental health system, Youth In Mind will ensure a cultural shift locally, statewide, and beyond; which means all mental health services, policies, and decision-making are developed in partnership with young people.

We believe that a positive and healthy transition to adulthood is made possible by eliminating stigma, extending respect to all constituents, and advocating non-restrictive services.

Youth In Mind envisions a mental health system that provides all youth with developmentally appropriate psycho-education, empowerment, alternative health care, and peer support services in which youth will be involved in decision making on individual, local, and policy levels.

Youth In Mind is always looking for members, supporters, and interested professionals. For more information please contact