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New Jersey has one of the highest tax burdens of any state in the nation. And it spends more per student in school costs than almost any other state. Yet, so many schools in the state get failing grades.


The Opportunity Scholarship Act (S-1872/A-2810) will help public school districts in New Jersey improve failing schools. It will empower the parents of children in failing schools to choose public or non-public schools that will best serve the needs of their children.

Unlike vouchers, the program is funded by corporate tax credits. No payments are made from the government to non-public schools or directly to parents. Also, there’s no added burden to taxpayers. The Scholarship Act will benefit all New Jerseyans, but most of all, our children.

Under a 5-year pilot program, eligible low-income children attending a chronically failing public school anywhere in New Jersey would receive scholarships to attend participating public or non-public schools.