Bawa Health Initiative

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About Us

Our Primary Goals Bawa Health Initiative is an independent non-profit charitable organization established to:

  • Provide primary health care to residents of Bawa.
  • Reduce the prevalence of infectious diseases through education and prevention.
  • Supply clean drinking water to all residents of Bawa.
  • Educate the general public about the heavy toll on humanity taken by parasitic diseases in the developing world.

Mission Statement The mission of the Bawa Health Initiative (BHI) is to:

  • reduce the prevalence of disease in the village of Bawa in Cameroon. This shall be accomplished through educational programs, the diagnosis and treatment of various infectious diseases, activities and programs leading to the provision of potable water, and through control of disease vectors and harmful microorganisms contaminating the environment.
  • improve general public health and sanitation in Bawa by providing education, health care supplies, transportation to clinics, and by bringing physicians to the community.
  • use and promote practices that are conducive to protection and sustainability of the natural environment.
  • conduct and publish biological research reporting the results of health initiatives conducted and the general natural history of the area.
  • encourage Bawa residents to participate in research in return for fair compensation.
  • make every attempt not to interfere with or alter traditional customs, beliefs, or religious practices.
  • make the “clinic” in Bawa and the implemented interventions sustainable, ultimately to be maintained by the villagers themselves.
  • to carry this mission and initiative to other villages if and when our work in Bawa is successfully completed.