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About Us

About The/Nudge Foundation
India will continue to add 1 million to its workforce every month for the next 15 years, most of whom come from impoverished backgrounds. Our growing economy with a massive skill-deficit provides real opportunity for them to escape the cycle of poverty, through gainful employment but imparting livelihood training is proving to be insufficient.

The/Nudge Foundation focuses on sustainable poverty alleviation by building a strong 360-degree life,learning and economic foundation for poor in residential "Gurukuls", along with lifelong support system. Our goal is to pull 1 million people sustainably out of poverty by 2020.

The/Nudge Foundation is a collective initiative of some of India's best leaders and entrepreneurs, with a dream to see a poverty-free India within our generation.

Spirit of The/Nudge:

 honesty towards our purpose

 empathy towards others

 continuous innovation

 focused on scale

 impatience towards our goals