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About Us


Phyllis Wheatley Community Center provides comprehensive quality programs in life-long learning, child development and family support for the diverse greater Minneapolis community.


Youth Development 

  • Dream, Explore, Connect! - offers multiple, concurrent opportunities throughout the year for youth to have access to caring, positive adult role models and to participate in high quality, structured out of school time enrichment activities grounded in research and foster the 6 C’s of positive youth development: Competence, Confidence, Connection, Character, Caring and Contribution.
    Our program, through meaningful out-of-school time experiences, strengthens the social, academic, leadership and community engagement skills of culturally and economically diverse youth.  We believe that everyone is a leader and we are providing opportunities for youth to discover and develop their leadership.
  • be@school - We are focusing on youth between the ages 6-21 , attending a public school in Hennepin County and who are at risk of school failure due to an established pattern of absenteeism (within the 89%-85% attendance range in the past school year) and parental disengagement.  Services are provided in accordance with Hennepin County Attorney’s Office contract and school policies.
    Together, with our partners, we are improving students’ school attendance and increasing parental/family engagement in their child’s educational success by building meaningful relationships.
  • Academic Achievement Program - Our focus is on academics (especially language and reading literacy) and on strengthening developmental assets through quality experiences tailored to meet the needs of each student.  We provide positive, stable role models including screened and trained tutors and mentors, after school and through the summer months.
    Our dual focus is on (1) supporting low performing K-5 students to meet or exceed grade-level academic standards and achieve school success, and (2) providing parent support and education through the Parent Institute (developed by Dr. R. Carroll, M.A., J.D.). The goal of the Parent Institute is to empower parents with the skills to support their children’s academic achievement by strengthening relationships between parents and teachers.
Mary T. Wellcome Child Development Center
  • Mary T. Wellcome Child Development Center is a licensed, nationally accredited and Four Star Parent Aware rated early child  development center established in 1929. Staff provide a comprehensive, educational and developmentally appropriate child care program for children ages six weeks to six years. Classroom teachers work to develop student’s skills in math, language, reading and creative arts, and encourage growth in social and emotional development and cultural awareness. The goal of the center is to prepare each child for Kindergarten and school success.  98% of our graduates have tested ready for school over the past 5 years based on Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy, Individual Grwoth and Development Indicators and other assessments.
Strong Families
  • Stronger Together - Men - The Stronger Together for Men program consists of a 20-week educational and support group curriculum. The program helps adults develop techniques of self-control and effective relationship skills. It promotes healthy families and engages positive role models in the diverse Minneapolis community. Several guest facilitators share varied perspectives about how to manage emotions and successful relationships. Benefits experienced by those who complete the program include:

    -developing positive family relationships
    -developing better decision-making capabilites within the family structure\
    -regaining and maintaining sobriety
    -regaining custody of children

    -successfully fulfilling probationary obligations
  • Stronger Together - Women - serves victims of domestic violence.  The  program works in collaboration with other organizations and agencies to support, educate, and empower victims of domestic violence with information and legal advocacy as they strive to live a violence-free life.  Meeting the individual needs of victims through ongoing support, including 24/7 phone access to a trained domestic violence counselor, and legal advocacy will help address the need in the community for domestic violence intervention and prevention. Stronger Together - Women believes that long-term safety and security can be built by supporting victims of violence to build positive support networks for themselves and their families.