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About Us (OAB) is a private, non-profit corporation created to develop, implement and operate a network to provide affordable wireless internet access throughout the City of Boston. This is an exciting opportunity for Boston to take the lead in one of the most important developments the next twenty years, in which people, companies and communities will become both more connected and less tethered, as wireless technologies evolve.

Why is this an important undertaking? Because Boston has the opportunity to address problems which until now have seemed intractable:

  • accelerate economic development and promote innovation by providing an open network environment
  • leverage digital inclusion programs by making high speed internet access available and affordable to all
  • enhance the City’s ability to provide innovative services and lower its costs

By building a robust wireless network, along with critical elements like the Wireless Innovation Center, the Neighborhood Advisory Council and a unique partnership with the City of Boston, will energize a wireless ecosystem which will help make Boston the most exciting hotbed of wireless innovation in the world.