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About Us

Ellen Frank Illumination Arts Foundation, Inc. is a 501 (C) (3) public benefit organization whose purpose is to enable the revitalization of the art of illumination and creation of new works of art in this genre. Cities of Peace is the organization's primary project.

Our Mission

  • To affirm resilience
  • To mobilize the resources of human creativity to heal and transform the dynamics of conflict
  • To build and rebuild strength and dignity in places where, through war and acts of violence, the fabric of life has been damaged, particularly cultural life
  • To stir compassionate and ethical action
  • To provide the opportunity to create awareness and act on that awareness evoked within us
  • To offer the opportunity to choose to act on this awareness that art evokes in us, the resonances and wonders

Through its paintings, Cities of Peace strives to embrace history with images of beauty, celebrating the greatness of humankind's achievements. Through its programs and policies, CITIES OF PEACE inspires participants, communities and global audiences to act to protect, develop and improve critical urban centers throughout the world.


Cities of Peace strengthens by:

  • Engaging in collaborative creativity
  • Creating a platform for intercultural dialogue;
  • Promoting interconnection to our shared humanity and heritage;
  • Advancing mutual understanding and acknowledgement of global cities and cultures;
  • Interfacing with youth groups, academic institutions, museums, cultural centers, non-profits, NGOS and governments

The Ellen Frank Illumination Arts Foundation revives and gives life to an artistic form that might otherwise be lost or fall into disuse. In so doing, it renews and celebrates a tradition of vibrant aesthetic and inspirational power.