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MTM began in 2009 as a scholarship program for the most vulnerable girls and young women in the West Point community of Monrovia, Liberia. We have been committed to evolving to the needs of our students and their community, including the 2013 launch of our private, tuition free, K-4 Academy to serve 124 young women.

When Ebola hit West Point in August 2014, everything changed for us. We fought with everything in us to end the Ebola epidemic in West Point, and then in five other communities in Monrovia. For our work, we were recognized as Ebola Fighters and TIME Persons of the Year.

Our experience has taught us how critical it is that Liberia’s children receive a strong education NOW so that they grow up with the knowledge and capacity needed to handle their country’s challenges head on, and to protect their most vulnerable citizens. We know we can and must do more to rebuild Liberia's education system.

Now More Than Me runs a growing network of 18 public schools in Liberia. Our holistic model of education ensures that children are safe, healthy and learning.

MTM has offices in Monrovia, Liberia and New York City.

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