Empty Vessel Music

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About Us

Empty Vessel Music is a non-profit recording label promoting good-will, humanitarian support, and practical solutions to the needy throughout the world using life changing music, musicianaries, and extraordinary people as its primary vehicle.

As a non-profit organization, Empty Vessel Music offers a unique vision for the powerful role of music in our communities and the world. We all know music, in all styles and genres, has proved to be a perfect remedy for touching lives, changing minds and impacting the culture.

In sharp contrast with the prevailing music production model, Empty Vessel produces, manages and signs artist through our proven model allowing us to freely give away the music while still promoting the career of our artists financially.

Our Focus and our history extends beyond the studio to those who are marginalized or rejected by society. By using our collective resources and talents Empty Vessel helps, not only financially, but through the innovative initiatives that share the gift of music.